Gift Crads

The Central Payment gift card program is completely free with no monthly fees, initiation fees, termination fees or fees per transaction. As a merchant, you are automatically enrolled with the CPAY gift card program. There are over thirty designs for gift cards that will be shipped the same day they are ordered. You can also design your own gift cards and you can order as many different designs as you want to. If you have any other existing gift cards, you can still use them as long as they are compatible with the new terminal that CPAY will provide free of charge. For businesses with multiple locations, you can control your gift cards to be pooled to all locations or to only one.

For merchants, the gift card program is useful because:
-you will receive upfront profits
-you will bring new customers into your business
-you will increase customer loyalty
-you will generate unprecedented revenue
-there is no hassle to enroll or renew
-there is no obligation to continue with the program