Each and every business needs a good point of sale system, but finding one that works for you can be an extremely hard and daunting task. Luckily for you, at least one of the RiO point of sale systems from CPAY will fit all of your business needs. These RiO systems are equipped with the latest technology and highest security. There are multiple different RiO systems for all of the businesses varying wants and needs.
This system packs every aspect of payment processing into an all-in-one unit. This system contains a built-in cashier drawer, receipt printer, credit card swiper, flippable 13-inch touchscreen, customer display, and a laser barcode scanner.

-RiO Pro:
The RiO Pro is designed to be used in face paced environments since it uses a very powerful processor. This is a modern register to get people through the checkout line quickly. It contains a large, colorful, easy to navigate screen, as well as a live dashboard and back office reporting that is accessible from the point of sale system, a smartphone or a computer.

-RiO Restaurant:
This system will seamlessly connect everyone working in the restaurant. This includes servers, kitchen staff and management. Merchants have the ability to quickly setup, create or change settings right on the system. The intuitive interface is extremely easy to navigate and makes it easy to stay very organized even in chaotic moments behind the bar or in the restaurant. This helps servers spend less time at the register and more with the customers.