SwipeSimple is a fast and effective mobile payment solution. Using the SwipeSimple app, you can key in prices and even use a drop down list containing multiple items from your product catalog. It shows options for both cash or credit and gives the customer an option to add a tip. Using the EMV chip card reader, you can accept your customers credit card directly through the app. You can send a receipt via email or text and you also have the option to resend it or process refunds later on if you scroll through the history tab. SwipeSimple keeps track of your inventory as you sell items from your catalog. You can customize certain things such as a tip or adding sales tax in the settings section. SwipeSimple does not have a limit on users added to the account, but you can restrict employees user settings. SwipeSimple is the easy and useful way to quickly collect customers payments using a mobile device.
For answers to questions about SwipeSimple, visit the “SwipeSimple FAQ’S” page under the FAQ’S tab.